Nov 11

Ian MacTilstra

Vancouver, B.C. artist Ian MacTilstra uses a wide range of traditional, non-traditional and industrial mediums to juxtapose the “crude” with the sophisticated, merge forms, and emphasize mediation. His work encompasses a variety of strategies that subvert ordinary experience, including the structural manipulation of the intrinsic properties of mediums and their societal associations, the reorientation of the gaze from its commodified relationship to the subject, and the alteration of content from classic narrative structures, particularly as used in documentary filmmaking. In 2007, he founded “the Dustbin,” a provisional autonomous non-juried venue for alternative and emerging work in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood. His work has been shown in North America, the U.K., Europe, Australia, India, Pakistan, and Japan. He has studied psychology, philosophy, computer science, engineering, and visual arts in various institutions.

American Singles

video & mixed media, 6 min. 35 sec. 2009.

American Singles is a structural film. It was made from bleach, nail-polish remover, and processed cheese on micro waved kodachrome film, all items that relate to the consumptive Global/American diet, lifestyle, and economy. It invites the viewer to reflect on the nature of contemporary life in the west and the disjointed relationship that can be experienced between the subject and the objects he consumes.

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