nathalie quagliotto

Nathalie Quagliotto was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1984. She received an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Waterloo in 2009 and a BFA in Studio Art from Concordia University in 2007. She has exhibited sculpture nationally and internationally.

Nathalie Quagliotto’s conceptual and relational practice involves reconfiguring pre-fabricated objects associated with childhood by disrupting their proximity, placement and color to the point in which their social significance has been altered.

Helping our kids slim down with healthy snacks

Personally I don’ believe that the childhood obesity problem is as bad as Michelle Obama claims it is.  If she wants to live on broccoli and dirt, she can do what she wants, although most images of her show her chowing down on ribs and fries.  Like any politician, she’s very good at telling everyone else what to do.  Of course the fact that no one voted for her is another story.  But that’s not the point.  Obama aside, it’s true that some of our kids are overweight. Simply by making certain that they replace unhealthy snacks with some healthy snacks for kids, the savings in calories will cause pounds to drop off.

If you ever take the time to carefully watch our kids devour snacks, you’ll get some ideal of how many calories can be saved by a few easy changes.  Changing a few unhealthy snacks that kids always want, to some healthy snacks for kids  to eat in their place, can save a few hundred calories every day.

Every 3500 calories can put on a pound of additional weight.  If we can adjust our kids snacks and reduce their calorie intake by only 200 calories a day, they’ll start dropping about a pound each month.  By making this small change to healthy snacks for kids, they can slowly drop the weight.  For those of us who have struggled with weight loss, we know that weight loss is best when it’s done slowly.

miriam johnson

Toronto based artist Miriam Johnson is a recent graduate of OCAD’s Integrated Media Program. A recipient of multiple awards, her work has been featured at the National Film Board of Canada in conjunction with the Toronto Animated Images Society and most recently at Nuit Blanche 2009.

Ian MacTilstra

Vancouver, B.C. artist Ian MacTilstra uses a wide range of traditional, non-traditional and industrial mediums to juxtapose the “crude” with the sophisticated, merge forms, and emphasize mediation. His work encompasses a variety of strategies that subvert ordinary experience, including the structural manipulation of the intrinsic properties of mediums and their societal associations, the reorientation of the gaze from its commodified relationship to the subject, and the alteration of content from classic narrative structures, particularly as used in documentary filmmaking. In 2007, he founded “the Dustbin,” a provisional autonomous non-juried venue for alternative and emerging work in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood. His work has been shown in North America, the U.K., Europe, Australia, India, Pakistan, and Japan. He has studied psychology, philosophy, computer science, engineering, and visual arts in various institutions.

American Singles

video & mixed media, 6 min. 35 sec. 2009.

American Singles is a structural film. It was made from bleach, nail-polish remover, and processed cheese on micro waved kodachrome film, all items that relate to the consumptive Global/American diet, lifestyle, and economy. It invites the viewer to reflect on the nature of contemporary life in the west and the disjointed relationship that can be experienced between the subject and the objects he consumes.

rob bairos

rob bairos

Rob Bairos studied Math and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in the early 1990s before joining Derivative where he develops interactive graphics software.

Total Internal Reflection

Ghostly animations from the last century emanating from a vintage oscillscope. Imagery processed with TouchDesigner and presented on a Sylvania Type 132 Oscilloscope, circa 1947.